You Can Attach This Cup Holder to Your Suitcase — and Travelers Call It the 'Best Invention Ever'

You Can Attach This Cup Holder to Your Suitcase — and Travelers Call It the 'Best Invention Ever'
When prepping your carry-on bag or travel backpack to ensure your must-haves are within reach, the goal is to make your time at the airport as streamlined as possible. But there's almost always a moment when you realize your hands are full and there's nowhere to safely balance your coffee, phone, boarding pass, or snack. If you've ever experienced this predicament, you may have a solution — the Riemot luggage cup holder that one reviewer called the "best invention ever."

The travel cup holder's hands-free design is simple to use: Just wrap it around your suitcase handle and secure the hook and loop closure. Once it's in place, the cloth holder can store up to two cups, which means your water bottle and coffee can both fit inside. When you're ready to board your flight, all you have to do is detach the hook and loop fastener, fold it up, and place it inside your carry-on bag; another plus is that it'll take up virtually no room.

"This drink caddy is awesome," wrote one five-star reviewer. "I travel for a living, so I get to test all kinds of 'travel friendly' gadgets that are just awful. This item isn't one of them... [it's] compact, stores easily in your carry-ons, holds a drink vertically, and has pockets to keep from having to decide which object you'll eventually drop on the floor. This drink caddy was immediately useful… I used it to hold the items I would keep in my seat back while I boarded."

Not only does the Riemot cup holder serve as a way to store your beverages once you're through security at the airport, but it also has an additional slim pocket that'll come in handy for housing your phone, passport, or boarding pass so you can quickly and easily access your important items.

"Quick and to the point, this cup holder worked great for me at a crowded airport with no place to put your cup down," said another shopper, who echoed the simplicity of the design. "Highly recommend!" A frequent traveler summed it up in their review: "Once I started using it, I never want to be without it."