Hiking tour from Chamonix Mont-Blanc to Courmayeur.

Hiking tour from Chamonix Mont-Blanc to Courmayeur.

I just wanted to let y'all know that I received a pair of hiking boots of y'all's brand for Christmas and I recently took them out with me to Arizona to go hiking. They were absolutely fantastic! I didn't have to worry about my grip on the rocky ground and they completely supported my feet. In addition they are a fantastic color. I just wanted to thank y'all for making them, because they led to great memories that I will forever remember. 

Natasha Bennett


I can't believe how comfortable these boots are! I ordered a 1/2 size up and am wearing medium thick hiking socks and it's a perfect fit! I have a narrower foot and they don't rub on my heal at all. I feel comfortable padding engulfing completely around my feet. Feels heavenly!
The ankle stability in these boots are impressive even though there is ample padding and they are surprisingly light in weight. These will be perfect for hiking and can see the tread will grip rocks and logs.
Ive been wearing them around the house and have no feet fatigue.
I have plantar fasciitis and a spinal cord injury so my legs and feet hurt and these are so comfortable for my issues and don't add to my pain.
Will add an update after my first trip up to hunting camp.
Will definitely buy another pair in future.



First of all, I researched hiking boots for a few weeks before pulling the trigger on these cuties! I read tons of reviews and really didn't think I could find decent boots for under $150. Well, I was WRONG! I first was attracted to these because of the fuchsia color. I like shoes/boots with character :) But then reading reviews about others liking them, I decided to go for it. I was very glad I did! They are super light weight and not 'clompy' like so many hiking boots can be. The second night I wore them was Christmas Eve 2020... We had 6+ inches of snow hit us hard. There were cars stuck in the snow on our country road, so my husband and I went out to help. I pushed a car about 100 yards in the snow, all the while my feet stayed completely dry and warm!! Also, they provided great traction so I could keep my footing! My husband is actually jealous, so I'm going to look for a pair in the mens section :) Very happy with these boots! Definitely worth a shot for the money and quality!

Jennifer H.


Went on a trip to the Grand Canyon and these shoes were definitely worth the money.

I didn't think I needed hiking shoes (and for the very well paved trails, you don't), but I went on a lesser paved trail with friends and compared to tennis shoes, the traction on the soles probably saved my life. Some parts of the trail were easy, other parts were a lot steeper, other parts were steep AND had little rocks/dust that made things slippery. Going downhill was still scary but the tread helped a lot.

Shoes were big and clunky but I just tightened them the best I could and they were fine. Some reviewers said that their shoes were falling apart. Mine were still fine after hiking 3-4 hours per day.

Strawberry Guitar


I am currently training to summit and I found these hiking boots are amazing!!! I have tried another pair but I found that this pair is bliss instead of blisters, maybe the fit was better? I think for my summit I will have to choose boots that are ankle high, ya know? But for the training, I love these. Not too expensive and good to have among your hiking/ training stash. I also took them to try out the water proof features/ durability at the Narrows in Zion. They were awesome. I was able to focus on the beauty around me instead of being uncomfortable in my gear. I believe that good gear makes the experience so much better. Like I said, they are a great addition to the arsenal.

Stephen D Healy


After trying and returning many comparable, waterproof hiking boots, that were much more expensive, this hiking book exceeded my expectations! A roomy toe box, a removable insole to easily replace with a custom one, if needed, solid and very well made! I do moderate walking/hiking. For the affordable price, these boots are a great value!

Melissa Soto